Your Soul Signature – Key to Your Value

Written by Maggie Ostara


Your Soul Signature provides you with a map to understand the uniqueness that is you.

You are unique throughout all time and space.  

You’ve probably heard that a million times – but have you really allowed the reality of that statement to sink in?

Because when you really breathe and open to the truth of your own uniqueness, you open the portal to deeper appreciation, acknowledgement and valuing of yourself.

From a spiritual point of view, this is a paradox.

You are unique. I am unique. And yet we are all one, too.

“There is just one, big BEING breathing here,” I would often say when I was facilitating a Clarity Breathwork® circle. And it’s true. We are made of one energy, one life-force, one consciousness.

Yet you, and I, and each of us, is an individual expression of divine source energy. Each is unique, never to be repeated again, ever, anywhere. Amazing when you really take that in. Radical diversity.

To discover it, you need to identify, accept, embrace and embody your gifts, talents, skills and experience from this life and from your Soul’s Journey ~ Your Soul Signature.

In this article let me dive into one aspect of this so that you can get a sense of the potency and significance—to you and to your business—of embracing your Soul Signature.

You brought with you into this life a whole range of gifts and talents.

Some of them may have been recognized, welcomed and appreciated by your family, schools, and community while you were growing up. If you were good at math, like I was, or science, or even reading and writing, you probably were acknowledged and rewarded for those gifts and talents.

Many of your gifts and talents probably were not appreciated.

This is particularly true if you are strong in areas such as intuition, relationships, emotions, or creativity. These areas are not generally seen as valuable by our left-brain, logically-oriented society that value analysis, data, and the physical world.

I know I didn’t have a class in any of these areas when I was in school, did you?

For me, my culture reflected back a deep appreciation for my math ability—and was either not acknowledging or downright suspicious about my considerable intuitive abilities.

Many of my clients and students are also highly intuitive, creative, and right-brained. They, like me, are in the process of coming to more deeply accept, appreciate and embody those gifts—despite any wounding they received early on regarding them.

Is this true for you?

This is just so important because here at the turning of the New World Age, you and all of your gifts and talents are needed.

It’s time to rebalance our world by bringing in intuition, creativity, emotions, and relationships in ways that create greater awareness of what is really going on, more personal freedom, and more responsibility to the health and well-being of the whole of life.

For too long massive resources—not just financial, but also our beliefs and life-force energy—have gone into anti-life industries.

In order for us to make it going forward as a species—and as guardians of this beautiful planet—it’s time for that to change.

We must instead foster live-preserving, life-giving, and life-nurturing industries.

And you and your work in the world are an important part of that.

A critical part in fact. Because you as the founder of soul-inspired business, based in your uniqueness, are a leader in creating the new world you and we want to live in.

When you resource from the deepest, truest place inside yourself, you are wisely guided.

It’s time for you is to identify, accept, embrace and embody your gifts and talents.

Especially the ones that haven’t been more widely recognized, and yet are key features of what make you, you.

Your Soul Signature also includes your skills and your life experience, as well as your gifts and talents. This is rich and deep work. And the foundation of a truly meaningful life and a profitable, impactful business.

As you do this work, you will come to embody your True Value. And your True Value, as a service provider, is the very basis of your business.

It’s the basis of your offerings, your pricing, the results you provide. Because when you get your True Value—based not on something external, but from the inside—you have confidence, credibility, and magnetism like never before.

And that is very, very good for business.