Do you have “I-can-do-it-on-my-own” Disease?

Written by Maggie Ostara

Intelligent women’s negative conditioning is to blame.

We are particularly prone to the “I-can-do-it-on-my-own” disease.  This dis-ease arises from several sources:

  • Conditioning that tells women that we are supposed to focus on the needs of other people rather than our own.
  • Religious programming that says it’s noble or just to martyr and sacrifice yourself in the service of others.
  • And ironically, a misinterpretation of feminism that says – because you can do it all, you should do it all!  And even worse, if you don’t do it all, you are not good enough or not enough!

None of this is true.

Yet beliefs like this work below the level of your conscious awareness, orchestrating your sense of possibilities or lack thereof without you even knowing it.

I’ve checked this out with hundreds (maybe thousands at this point) of women.  I ask them what I’m about to ask you:

  • Do you think you should be able to figure this out (creating a lucrative business or almost anything else that’s not mechanical–LOL) on your own?
  • Are you frustrated because you know it can’t be that hard, and you’ve been working at it, but you are still struggling?
  • And worst of all, do you think something is wrong with YOU because you haven’t figured it out and created the income you know you and your services are actually worth?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, chances are you are not getting the support that you need.

You may have plenty of information – in fact you are probably swimming in information! 

But having information isn’t what’s needed. If it were, everyone would be doing great, right?  I mean information is available everywhere now.  Yes, I agree information is important, required even.

But know knowing how and when to use that information, knowing what to do and in what order, and what to do when things don’t pan out the way the experts say that they will (because that happens to all of us, myself included!!) – that is something else entirely.

That’s what you need support for. 

You were not meant to do this on your own.  None of us were.

I bumped around for 18 months trying on my own to get my work on-line, extend my reach, and create a bigger, more impactful and more lucrative business.  Mostly I got frustrated and annoyed with myself – and frankly with the programs that I had purchased that I couldn’t really do on my own.  So if you are feeling this way, I totally understand because I’ve been there, too.

It wasn’t until I invested in getting the one-on-one support that I needed that everything changed. 

Sure, there are few people who manage to create lucrative businesses on their own.  But you know what, that’s like saying we should all be able to build Apple computers because a couple of guys were able to do that in a garage a few decades ago.  (And they did not do it on their own, by the way!) Comparison will get you down every time.

So please, get the support you need. 

I am opening up a few spots for 1:1 mentoring for the first time in two years! Please email my team if you’d like to see if working together would be a fit.  

The most important thing is that you get the support you need. Please don’t keep trying to do it on your own!