What if? New Years Message from Messaging Made Easy


As I was welcoming participants in my Messaging Made Easy with Human Design program back from our winter break, I suprised and inspired myself.

I had a few "generative questions" I knew I wanted to start with, then my intuition kicked in and magic happened. Watch the video to see what happened!

I learned about generative questions from my Human Design teacher, Karen Curry Parker. I had always created intentions and affirmations before and turning them into questions dramatically shifts the energy to make what you say and how you feel more magnetic.

Generators, Manifesting Generators, Projectors and Reflectors -- that's 92% of us -- are well served by using our capacity to wonder to attract guidance, resources, opportunities, clients, revenue and more into our lives. I find them super helpful and inspiring, and my students love them.

I know many people are confused by the idea of "waiting to respond" (for Generators and MGs) or "wait to be invited" (for Projectors). I like to say put the emphasis on "respond" or "be invited" rather than on waiting.

You can start now to attract things to respond to, or invitations to receive, with generative questions like this. Give it try!

You just might surprise and inspire yourself, too. ;D

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