Human Design New Year 2020

Written by Maggie Ostara

The Human Design New Year has just begun!

You now have extra energy for imagining new possibilities, stoking your dreams, and envisioning what you truly desire to unfold in your future – and the future of humanity. (See more about the Human Design New Year below.)

Pretty cool, right?

And this isn’t like a soft, watery, nebulous kind of dreaming and imagining. It’s got drive and groundedness built into it because it’s part of the Root Center.

This is a great time to review the intentions you set at the Winter Solstice, or around January 1st, and check in to see what’s occurred so far and how you’re feeling about them now. You can re-energize what you’re committed to with this potent imaginative energy.

Einstein said: “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.”

I love that: giving birth to evolution!

Value and protect your imagination as it’s one of your most important faculties, one of your super powers. You cannot not imagine or create. You can command what you imagine and what you give your energy to.

What are you giving birth to for your and our evolution?

Sometimes you might feel powerless in the face of the challenges our world is facing right now. I know I do at times. Yet one thing you can do, and it doesn’t cost you anything, is focus on what you want (instead of on what you fear), stoking your imaginative fire with even crazy possibilities about the world you truly want to live in.

For me, that includes (1) everyone knowing their Human Design and their Soul Signature, and living in alignment with their true gifts, talents and power. (2) Getting in our bones that there really is enough for all of us and experiencing gratitude, abundance, and prosperity on a daily basis. (3) Re-organizing ourselves so that we nourish our earth more than we take, focusing on sustainability and then thriving for our ecosystems. (4) Developing our capacity for mutual respect and to hear and learn from one another. (5) Becoming Sovereign by maturing out of our adolescent tendencies into stewardship, benevolent distribution, and the ability to see and embrace many perspectives in addition to our own. (That's a short list!)

What about you??

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About the Human Design New Year

The HD New Year begins when the sun moves into the Gate 41 of the Human Design Mandala. Up top is an image of today’s chart, and if you look in the upper left you’ll see the symbol for the sun (circle with a dot in the center) inside a brown section with the numeral 41.

What this means is that the sun is lighting up this specific energy right now, this archetype, and so you have extra umph behind your envisioning and imagining.

So watch out where you put your attention – are you unconsciously or habitually being drawn into imaginings about the world ending, or war breaking out, or something terrible happening to someone you love? Or are you in command of this precious faculty and employing it to open positive developments and outcomes that are meaningful for you. This is not the energy of how any of this will happen – just the what!

The sun will move through all 64 gates of the Human Design Mandala over the course of the year, spending about 5-6 days in each one. These 64 gates relate to the 64 hexigrams of the IChing – those are the symbols right outside the numbers, and also to our DNA. We get to experience all of those energies/archetypes to a greater or lesser extent depending on our own design.

I’ll be sharing more with you about what I call the Human Design weather starting in February. Stay tuned!!