Do You Know Your Super Powers?

Written by Maggie Ostara

Did you know that you have super powers? 

You probably know some of them, as you're a pretty aware person.

Do you know what your super powers are according to Human Design? You definitely have some -- everyone does. And chances are, they are not what you think or know a lot about.

My experience doing hundreds of readings is that most people are not aware of or do not know how to use some (or all) of their super powers, even if they've had a reading before and/or have done some studying on their own. 

Even more, often people have suppressed or rejected some of their super powers! Why? Because those powers don't fit into conventional ways of understanding what's powerful and valuable. They are not seen, recognized and appreciated for what they are. 

In fact, some of those powers, when embraced and fully developed, threaten the status quo! Personally I love that part as I've never been one who fits in or toes the line according to '"the powers that be".

And guess what? Not fitting in, following my own impulses and desires, and creating my own way of doing things then sharing them with others -- that's one of my super powers!

It's part of my individual circuitry according to Human Design. I'm here to be different, I'm here to bring change and create new forms that contribute to the evolution of humanity. Pretty cool, right?

While I've embraced this now, earlier in my life this was difficult for me. I just didn't fit in, and I didn't really want to. This is one of the forces that drove me out of being a professor at Columbia, and even out of the academy altogether. Even in Women's and Gender Studies I could not find my place inside of institutions. And I suffered with that for some years, not understanding why I was unhappy, why being a part of things seemed so much easier for other people, and I wondered, "what's wrong with me?"

When I discovered this aspect of my Human Design, it was like the proverbial light bulb going off above my head, complete with a palm slapped to my forehead.

"Of course," I thought, "that's why I'm like this!!!"

And suddenly so many experiences, feelings, longings and choices in my life made sense. I could sense them stretching out back through time, all pointing to something that I had never been able to put my finger on before, much less articulate or fully understand.

As it turns out, what I thought might be a defect in my personality, is actually one of my super powers! And now that I know that, not only does my past make sense and I feel much easier and happier about my choices. (This experience is not uncommon, FYI.)

Now as I embrace this aspect of myself I can lean into the value of this super power, amplify it's effect, and use it to confirm the significance of what I am directed to do from the inside -- and then to follow it. 

This one change, one new awareness about one aspect of my chart has made my life easier, more joyful, more productive and prosperous, and more influential. 

And this is just one of MANY new awarenesses I have about many super powers I have according to my Human Design.

The same is true for you!

You have many super powers according to your Human Design. Do you know what they are? Have you embraced and learned to utilize them yet?

I can guarantee you, if and when you do, your life, too, will change dramatically for the better.

I want to show you how! This is what 2020 Vision is all about -- a whole new perspective on yourself that will pull your strengths, and yes your super powers, out from behind a veil of conditioning, into the light where you can see them! They will come into focus like never before, then you can make new choices about what you love and appreciate about yourself and how you want to live. 

Warning! As you do this, you may find yourself confronting aspects of your self concept and your conditioning in ways you find uncomfortable, especially at first.

I know I did!! So much so that when I first discovered Human Design I rejected it because I thought -- this cannot be true! My conditioning was so strong that I flat out refused to take in the new perspective it gave me. 

Looking back now, with 2020 vision, I know I could have saved myself a lot of pain and heartache had I taken in my Human Design at the time. But I didn't -- and so it goes. Hindsight is always 2020

Sometimes I can feel that from someone in a reading. Resistance that arises from being seen in a new way. The "this can't be true" comes up because oh my what does that say about how I've been living. It can be a lot to take in and digest. It was for me.

Yet far more often clients relax and even cry because they feel seen in a way they've never been seen before. I affirm for them aspects of who they are -- their super powers -- that they suspect but haven't been able to name, or that family members didn't value and maybe even told them to get rid of that, or that they never saw mirrored in school or asked for in their work. 

Suddenly, like wiping schmutz off their glasses, they see and feel themselves SO differently. As they embrace this vision, they discover where their true power lies and how to empower themselves. 

Awake, empowered people are what our world needs in this new decade. We need to be strong and on purpose to meet the challenges we are facing individually and collectively.

That's why I'm offering a two-part webinar next Tuesday and Thursday on 2020 Vision: Empowering Yourself for a New Decade.

I want to help you discover some of your super powers according to Human Design, and show you how you can begin using them in your life right away. These webinars are free to you, and I really hope you'll join me. 

Learn more and register here now.

And please invite your friends to register, too. That way you can support each other in embracing your true super powers, even when they don't fit in with the status quo!

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