Dream the New World

VIDEO POST On Martin Luther King Day (Jan 20, 2020), I showed a clip from video of Dr. King speaking to a junior high school class to my Messaging Made Easy with Human Design participants.

That video is called "Your Life's Blueprint" and he gives three principles to work from, including "somebodiness" -- which I love! (You can watch the full video here.)

The video above begins after a brief discussion we had about the MLK video -- we all cried -- and what it meant to us. I share about the power of emotions and how to harness them to create in the world, and end with my own take off on MLK's "I have a dream" speech (which I did without realizing it!). It's just a few minutes -- enjoy!

Activate Your Super Powers:

Introducing Human Design

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Did you know that everyone has super powers?

Not the ones like Spider Man, Wonder Woman, or Luke Skywalker, but important and significant ones nonetheless. I think culturally we’re so drawn to super heroes because we know the challenges our world is facing are big – so we imagine figures who are larger than life to “save us”.

Imagine for moment that you, and I, and each us, already has super powers that we were born with, but that we may not be aware of, or not know how to access or use. Or perhaps you’ve been aware to some degree, yet you haven’t seen your powers reflected back to you as vital or valued in your family, schooling or community. And you haven’t known how to develop them, or maybe even believe in them or their significance.

Human Design provides you with a map to your super powers, and I want to show you how to read that map. That’s what my new course is all about.

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