Are you still trying to figure things out? [Part One]

Written by Maggie Ostara

Are you still trying to figure things out, brilliant one?

How many times a day do you hear or say:

  • I need to figure things out.
  • I haven’t figured that out yet.
  • I don’t know how to figure that out.
  • I wish they would figure out how to . . .
  • How are we ever going to figure this out?

This totally makes sense because we’ve all been taught since we were itty bitty kids to figure things out, think it through, make sure you look at all the factors, be rational, be reasonable, etc.

“Figure things out” of course directly refers to math and working with numbers (figures). And we all know that many of us are not so good at that.

Now if you’re Katherine Johnson, the mathematical genius featured in the film “Hidden Figures” (what a marvelous pun), and you’re responsible for calculations for space flight, then yes, by all means figure things out!

But for the rest of us, trying to figure things out can be confusing and burdensome, with less than satisfactory results.

In Human Design math, analysis and figuring things out live in the Logic Circuit. (Human Design maps how energy moves in circuits inside us.) We’ve all been trained that logic, reason and analysis tell us what’s true and what’s not. We’re deeply conditioned with this belief, so much so that we believe it’s true!

Yes, logic has its place, and it’s one important way of knowing. We’re living in a technologically advanced world that would not have been possible if it weren’t for logic and advanced mathematical analysis.

Yet we are far more rich and complex than math can chart or reveal. Right?

Over the next couple of weeks I want to share with you aspects of the Human Design chart – and of you! – that help us get in touch with the power and authority of the parts of us that are non-logical and non-rational.

Today let’s talk about decision-making. So often when we consider making a decision, we automatically think: I have to figure this out. I need to make a list of pros and cons. I need to think through the implications.

Considering all sides of a situation can definitely support your understanding of what’s at stake in a given decision.

Yet in Human Design we say: never make decisions with your head!

Whaaaaat? I can hear you say .  .  . I’ve been doing that my whole life.

Of course you have, that’s how we’ve all been taught.

What’s interesting is why Human Design says this.

It’s because there’s no energy in the head. Okay let me explain what I mean by that.

The Human Design chart contains four motors or engines – these are four of the nine energy centers. All four of the motors are lower down in the body, far away from the head. So while there’s energy in the head in the sense that there’s lots of activity, there isn’t power to get things done.

You can think about things A LOT and not have anything happen, right?

Here’s the super cool part. By tuning into your body (and in Human Design we’ve got specific ways of doing this), you can get information as to whether or not you have the energy to do something.

Consider a time when you had a really great idea, and logically everything was lined up. But then you discovered (either soon or later) that you really didn’t have the energy for it. So either you stopped or you had to push really hard to make happen what you had set out to do.

Oh man, I used to live this way all the time.

Great ideas. Made perfect sense. Thought it all the way through. Yet somewhere along the way the wind went out of my sails and I had to row, row, row to completion, collapsing, exhausted, on the shore.

Sound familiar?

I’ve be told similar stories over and over again. (In fact I just had one this morning with an old friend.)

I want to encourage you to get to know your own unique way of making decisions according to Human Design, and I'm going to make it easy for you to do that. I created a short video about decision-making, which you can access on my Ostara Human Design Membership Site.

If you’re curious, I invite you to watch this video. The first membership level is free, and you’ll have access to several training videos on the site (and I’ll be adding more). 

Just click here to register and you’ll get immediate access.

And if you’re already a member but haven’t had a chance to check out this video, I highly recommend you take a few minutes to check it out. (Just let me know if you need us to resend you your login information.)

Knowing how to make the right decisions for you, based on your design, can save you so much wasted time, energy and money!

Let me know what you discover, and of course ask if you have questions! I always love to hear from you. 

Photo by Nick Owuor (astro.nic.visuals) on Unsplash