Are you still trying to figure things out? [Part Two]

Written by Maggie Ostara

Are you still trying to figure things out, divine one?

In my last post I talked about how in Human Design we say: never make decisions with your head.

Yeah, I know, that goes against everything you’ve ever been taught. Me, too.

And it’s not that you can’t do research, gather input from others, or analyze data. In some cases all of that is vital. But in the end, you don’t want to make the final decision that way.

According to Human Design, you have a way of making decisions that’s correct for you based on several factors in your design, particularly your type. Today I’m going to focus on decision making for Generators and Manifesting Generators because together we make up 70% of the population.

 As Generators and Manifesting Generators we have what’s called a defined sacral.

This means that we have square second from the bottom in the chart colored in and it’s always red. The sacral is the most powerful center in the chart, and the most powerful motor (there are four motors: sacral, root, emotional solar plexis and will). It’s the center for life force energy and truly is a super power.

One of its really significant aspects is that it interfaces between the “you” you know as you – who you are in every day life – and your Inner Being (or spirit, the universe, god/goddess). When you ask your sacral yes/no questions, you can receive guidance directly from your spirit aspect/your Inner Being.

The sacral energy is primary, even primal, and it’s non-verbal mostly. Responses come in “uh-huh” (yes) and “uh-uh” (no). And like muscle testing or dousing, there’s an art to asking questions so you can get clear guidance. Sometimes I have to ask a series of questions to feel I’ve gotten the guidance I need. At others I simply get a strong signal one way or the other and that’s all I need. 

This is the proverbial “trust your gut”!

Actually it is and it isn’t. It is because of what I’ve been describing. Yet based on my experience, it isn’t always what someone associate with trusting their gut, and it’s not if that feeling is ever based in fear. Your sacral will never respond to with fear or based in fear. Your Inner Being will never communicate with you that way. If you feel fear, that’s coming from somewhere else. In Human Design terms it’s probably from gates in your Spleen Center. But that’s another blog post altogether!

Okay back to your sacral. Learning to actually answer from your sacral takes practices. Sometimes people think they are answering from there, but I can tell when I look at them that they’re popping up into their heads when I ask the questions. That is so typical!! And this makes sense, because as I’ve said before, that’s because we’ve all been trained to respond and make decisions with our heads.

Even people I’ve worked with who have done somatic work and consider themselves embodied can have trouble with this. The best way to practice is to have someone else ask you questions rather than asking yourself. Have them ask and watch to see if the energy is in your head and feels mental, or if it’s down in your body and feels more embodied.

I like doing sacral sessions with clients to help them get really accustomed to this feels in the body. I also sometimes do short versions of this when I do a foundational reading because getting in touch with the super power of your sacral is perhaps the most significant take-away you can have from Human Design. (If you’re interested in having a sacral session, let me know.)

 When I’m doing a foundational reading I often point out to my client when they make a sacral response. In truth you already do this all the time, you just may not be aware of doing or, or of its significance. If you start to pay attention, you’ll notice that you make the noise “uh-huh” in response to what people say all the time. It’s an automatic expression for Pure Generators and Manifesting Generators, and I hear other types say it, too, maybe because we’ve all grown up in a Generator world.

The only caveat to making decisions based on your sacral response is when your emotional solar plexis is also defined. And that’s what I’ll talk about next week.

In the meantime, I want to encourage you to get to know your own unique way of making decisions according to Human Design, and I'm going to make it easy for you to do that. I created a short video about decision-making, which you can access on my Ostara Human Design Membership Site.

If you’re curious, I invite you to watch this video. The first membership level is free, and you’ll have access to several training videos on the site (and I’ll be adding more).

Just click here to register and you’ll get immediate access.

And if you’re already a member but haven’t had a chance to check out this video, I highly recommend you take a few minutes to check it out. (Just let me know if you need us to resend you your login information.)

Knowing how to make the right decisions for you, based on your design, can save you so much wasted time, energy and money!

Let me know what you discover, and of course ask if you have questions! I always love to hear from you.

Photo by engin akyurt on Unsplash