Activate Your Super Powers

Written by Maggie Ostara

Human Design Program Open Now

Once or twice a year I open my Activate Your Super Powers program, and I'm delighted that it's now open through the end of May 2021.

This program is for you IF:

  • You are done with feeling disempowered, confused, overwhelmed and/or confused in your life, and are looking for a way to shift that.
  • You're attracted to Human Design and suspect that it can help you own your gifts and talents, and heal wounds that have been holding you back.
  • Because of that, you want to discover the fundamentals of Human Design through the lens of super powers.
  • You get that information alone is not enough, and appreciate that applying and integrating what you learn in order to actually change your life.
  • You are drawn to having Maggie's support and that of a group of participants also diving deep into Human Design.

If this appeals to you -- go check out this program and see if it resonates.


If  you decide to register, use the code SAVE300 to take $300 off the retail price through the end of May. Questions? Send Maggie a message to admin at ostaraexperience dot com.