Welcome to our Search Engine for
Maggie's Human Design Transit Reports

With this search engine you'll be able to find all of the instances in which Maggie mentions one of the Human Design gates inside her transit reports. You can also search for centers and circuits, though they will appear less often.

When you search the video in which your search word appears will show on the screen. You'll be able to scroll through to get what you need for an in-depth understanding of the gate (or other element) you're looking for.

INSTRUCTIONS -- Important!

Make sure to use " marks around a specific search term if it contains more than one word. For example use "Gate Six" not just Gate Six. The latter will return are instances of Gate and Six not just Gate Six.

Also spell out the number when it's under ten, and use the numeral when it's 11 and above.

When the results appear, simply click on the title or the play icon to view the video. It will automatically start where the term is mentioned.