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Friday, October 8

Nurturing Physical and Emotional Vitality by Reducing the Four Major Stressors

Valencia Ray

Valencia Ray, M.D. is a trained Functional Medicine physician whose medical practice is focused on health and well-being. She helps busy women to overcome stress and burnout, stop annoying health symptoms, including hormonal imbalances, without scary drugs, lose weight easier, and experience greater vitality, connection, and confidence.

The 4-Keys for Taking Control of Stress


Reclaiming Balance: Calling on the Great Womb of All Life to Step into Your Right Use of Power

Desda Zuckerman

Born an intuitive with extraordinary clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient abilities, Rev. Zuckerman has made an in-depth study of the subtle energies that, since childhood, she has witnessed around all living things. What began as a personal quest for understanding has blossomed into a comprehensive mapping of Human Energy Structure as described in her book, Your Sacred Anatomy, an Owners Guide to the Human Energy Structure. She is the founder of the transformational healing system based on this subtle anatomy, Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine to expand consciousness, improve well being and help evolve the human species.

Return to Balance



Mega Manifesting through High Level Collaborations with your Soul Tribe

Debra Giusti

For over 45 years, Debra Giusti has been on the leading edge of the ever-emerging progressive culture, both locally and internationally, supporting and creating ‘New Paradigm’ evolution. She has been an entrepreneur since she was 21 years old, growing a series of businesses that support personal growth and transformation, healthy and sustainable lifestyles, new spirituality, and community connection. In 1978 Debra founded the Harmony Festival in Santa Rosa, California, a nationally recognized three-day outdoor festival of music, art, ecology, health, and spirituality, attended annually by more than 30,000 people, which ended in 2011. She now co-produces the inspirational virtual variety show, “Saturday Night Alive for the Global Peace Tribe”, every Saturday night, which began in April 2020 as a response to the Covid crisis. It features well-known transformational speakers, spiritual leaders, musicians, and entertainers, and gets approximately 50,000 views internationally per show. She also promotes transformational online courses, events and resources through Wishing Well Promotions that goes to 250,000 subscribers nationally and internationally. Debra is the author of the book, Activate Your Soul Tribe, which is also free online. She also produces workshops, panels & educational materials on the topic of Ascension.

Free Copy of "Activate Your Soul Tribe" book



Restore Together

The Voice of Your Pelvic Bowl: Expressing Yourself so You Can be Heard and Received

Marci Graham

Marci Graham has been facilitating in-person weekend intimacy workshops for the Human Awareness Institute (HAI) for nearly ten years. She brings an expansive heart and a fierce commitment to all human beings discovering what is possible and potent within themselves. Her deep immersion in HAI began in the year 2000 at a time of her own personal transformation as she was navigating divorce and looking to have more intimacy in her life.

In 2017 Marci aligned herself with the #MeToo movement in her recognition and experience of how often women struggle to stand up for themselves (what they think, want, need, believe, etc.) In response, Marci helped form the Safety and Consent council for HAI and serves as the council chair. In that role she has the honor and privilege to walk with anyone who is navigating the journey of finding and using their own voice to express boundaries and consent and speak their truth. Marci writes curriculum, leads communication courses, navigates delicate conversations and leads love, intimacy and sexuality courses around the world and online for HAI.

Marci lives with her partner, Jason Weston, in rural California, where the beauty of the land astonishes and invigorates her every day.

Real Life Love: 5 Practices to Nurture Your Relationship



Generous Listening for Effective Communication and Connection

Eva Medilek

Eva Medilek is an Executive Certified High-Performance Coach. She has coached both men and women in the areas of personal development, leadership and mastering habits for success in their personal and professional lives.

She specializes in helping busy professionals have more money, time, and success without sacrificing health, well-being and relationships in the process.

She uses her personal experiences along with her leadership, relationship and high-performance training to teach you how to truly have it all.

6 Powerful Ways of Being to Foster Effective Communication and Connection in your Relationships


Let’s Talk! Group Discussion with Presenters