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Cultivating Emotional Wisdom with the Power of Clarity Breathwork


Ashanna Solaris is a practitioner, trainer, co-founder and pioneer of the profound practice of Clarity Breathwork ~ a gentle nurturing feminine approach to healing, transformation and embodiment. She has led hundreds of trainings, workshops and retreats around the world. She both trains practitioners and leads individuals through a powerful path of releasing their blocks so they can open to & live their greater potential. Ashanna brings a wealth of experience and training with 30 plus years in the healing arts integrating Breathwork, Light Body, Reiki & Energy Healing, Somatic Experiencing, Ritual, dance and movement. Ashanna has a deep passion to inspire others to live their fullest potential & give their greatest offering.

Healing Yourself with Breath


All the World is Alive: Awakening to the Truth of Our Animate World and What this Means for Humanity


Born and raised in Scotland, Manda Scott started life as a veterinary surgeon specialising in neonatal equine intensive care. After a fifteen year career primarily in academia, she shifted to writing novels as a less sleep-deprived way of finding fulfilment. Her first novel was shortlisted for the Orange Prize and her fourth for the Edgar Award for best Crime Novel… after which a shamanic imperative moved her into historical writing. Her international best-selling Boudica: Dreaming quartet has translated in over twenty languages and continues to be an inspiration for music, art and - soon - television (don't hold your breath on that one). 

More recently, she has gained an MA in Regenerative Economics, trained as a veterinary homeopath and set up the Accidental Gods podcast and membership. Now nearly into its third year, these two aim to create the conditions for conscious evolution of humanity: a shift in consciousness, consciously chosen and, by highlighting those at the intersection where art meets activism, politics meets philosophy and science meets spirituality, to create a sense of a way forward. Her latest novel, The Promise, is a Thrutopian novel, which offers a road map for a way through from where we are to a future we can be proud to bequeath to future generations.

Reshaping Ourselves, Reshaping our World


Energetic Sovereignty: Building Resilience, Stamina and Radiance with Kundalini Yoga


Kia Miller is an internationally celebrated yoga teacher. She is the founder of Radiant Body Yoga, a holistic approach that honors the healing and transformational potential within yoga. She is known for sharing her wonderful passion for life and well-being in her teaching. Kia views the science and spirituality of yoga as a pathway to experiencing peak performance and great awareness. Her mission is to inspire and awaken as many people as possible to their own power and creative potential. Kia leads workshops, retreats and teacher trainings for people throughout the world. 

Guided Meditation by Kia Miller


The Transgender Necessity: Identity Insights for All from the Transgender Experience

Zhenevere Sophia Dao

Zhenevere Sophia Dao is the founder of the philosophy of Post-Daoism and the MogaDao practice tradition, and the SACRa Theater Company. A teacher and innovator of mythosomatic practices for nearly 30 years, she is a writer on a wide variety of spiritual, philosophical, and cultural subjects. Zhenevere Sophia Dao is also the founder of the organization, The Transgender Necessity, a platform of lecture, dialogue, and mediation the purpose of which is to help educate individuals, and the institutions they represent, with regard to the cultural necessity of transgender people. The prevailing cultural attitudes toward the transgender experience miss the nobility of the trans journey, its bravery, its awesome self-determination, its positive influence on human development.

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Self Sustainability Practices for Purpose-Driven Women

Christine Arylo

Christine Arylo, MBA, is a transformational leadership advisor, social impact entrepreneur, four time best-selling author, and speaker working with women to make shift happen – in the lives they lead, the work they do and the world they live in.

Arylo combines her 20 years of corporate and entrepreneurial experience with 20+ years of wisdom study in feminine power, yogic science and human consciousness to guide others to lead their lives, businesses and relationships in a different way – professionally successful + internally empowered + and personally sustainable and satisfying.

Over 35,000 people on 6 continents have participated in her professional and personal transformational programs and workshops. She is the host of the popular Feminine Power Time podcast. Her teachings have been featured at TedX, on CBS. NBC and FOX, and on Thrive, Huffington Post, and more. She currently lives on an island near Seattle.

Her new book is called Overwhelmed and Over It, Embrace Your Power to Stay Centered and Sustained in a Chaotic World.

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Dance as a Portal to Delicious Embodiment


Heather Munro Pierce is a dancer, mother, embodiment guide and consciousness teacher. She has been leading movement for 30 years and has held sacred space for over 1000 women's circles. She is the founder of the Women's BodyMystik Dance Tribe currently offering online and outdoor dance rituals and Embracing Embodiment Circles.

In addition, she has been fortunate to teach nationally and internationally including at Esalen, Spirit Rock, the Omega Institute and the Science and Non-duality Conference.

Heather has developed a body of work and a style of facilitation that nurtures embodiment and the unfolding feminine soul.

Her passion for teaching and leading springs from her own experience with dance and embodied awakening as a path to healing, health and wholeness.

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