Presenter Bonuses


This gorgeous eBook is designed to support your transformation by (1) guiding you through the 8 Pillars of Feminine Sovereignty, and (2) providing sections for each of the sessions, including presenters’ photos and full bios, so that you can take notes, record the the insights that came through, and reflect upon how you felt and what you received.


Access to 8 detailed videos diving into the 8 Pillars of Feminine Sovereignty excerpted from Maggie's leading-edge program: Becoming Sovereign: Journey with the Six Feminine Sovereign Archetypes. Combined with the WEOW EBook, you'll have everything you need to take full advantage of the revolutionary system for developing your Feminine Sovereignty.

AND Additional Valuable BONUSES
from a number of our presenters:

Debra Guisti, Eva Medilek, Ashanna Solaris, Christine Arylo,

Julie Murphy and your host, Maggie Ostara

Relationship Master Class with Eva Medilek

The Goal of this Masterclass is to understand HOW your Relationship Style was created from your early childhood experiences and WHY your past is influencing how you relate today.

You will learn:

  • The 5 Relationship Style Impressions that can sabotage your connection, communication and intimacy in your relationships.

  • Once you identify your Relationship Style, you will develop a greater understanding as to why your relationship patterns govern how you love and relate today.

Saturday Night ALIVE

Free Trial

During these tough times, over a million people have discovered a remarkable resource for hope, connection and illumination. Join us for Saturday Night Alive created for the Global Peace Tribe. This dynamic virtual variety show takes place online Every Saturday at 6 pm PDT.  It’s an inspirational virtual variety show that showcases the brightest leaders and wayshowers of our time. Featuring world-class luminaries, brilliant musicians, light-hearted comedians, and inspirational performers, this super fun show brings both warmth and wisdom during so much uncertainty.

This synergistic blend of Ashanna’s meditations and Dana’s uplifting flutes and sacred instruments, along with a soundscape of healing sounds from nature, guides women into profound transformation and empowerment. 

Full Download of Awaken Your Wealth

In Awaken Your Wealth Julie will show you:

· How to build real wealth by changing your own story or attitude around money.
· How to set yourself free from limiting beliefs.
· How to develop a fresh approach to money and wealth.
· How to create a new and positive energy that allows money to find you.
· How to set yourself on the path to true abundance and peace-of-mind.

Overwhelmed and Over it! Chapter One

Feminine wisdom leader Christine Arylo shines a light on the external forces and internal imprints that push you into overwhelm and self-sacrifice. She then shows you how to access your power to achieve what matters most, including receiving what you need and desire. You’ll learn to release the old approach to working, succeeding, and managing a full life, and embrace a new way that gives you clarity and courage to make choices in your day-to-day and overall life design that support and sustain you.